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To log onto your account click here.

Once logged in:

1. Open the Course Builder Feature.

2. You’ll see a list of your existing courses.
3. Select "Create Course’ to enable you to build a new course.
4. Create Package

The ‘Create New Course’ screen below will appear.  

Fill in the following details:

  • Group:  This should already have pre-selected your training group.  If you have multiple groups, select the applicable group name from the dropdown list.
  • Course Name:  Enter your course name.
  • Course Code:  Enter your course code if applicable
  • Description:  Enter a brief description of the course for your reference (optional).
  • Support URL:  Enter the address of your support program or your website (optional)
  • Support Phone:  Enter the phone number students need to call to access course support (optional).
  • Cost:  The price of your course.(optional)

Then save

Once you have created a course you will need to upload sections, please see the solutions section here.

PLEASE NOTE : you will need to enable your course before finishing.