Once you have built a course and have created accounts for your users the next step is to invite users to your course.

Once you have created a user in your group you will have a username.

Then follow these steps:

1. select the "course Admin" Feature

2. choose the course you wish to enrol students in.

The following screen will appear
Here you can :

1. View the student view, (what view the user will have when enrolled)
2. See a list of all existing users enrolled in that course and how far they have progressed as a percentage
3. The option to enrol users in course

If you choose to enrol users in course the following screen will appear:

1. Enter the username or multiple usernames of the accounts you wish to be enrolled in this course in the text box "Users".

2. If the ‘Tester’ box is ticked then any restrictions on course navigation will be removed (eg mandatory order of completion) and assessment responses will not be saved.

3. Once you have entered the usernames select enrol

The course (2. below) will now appear in the users list of courses under "My Courses"  (1.below) at the top of their account user interface here: