This feature will allow you to provide different hints for an assessment question based on how many incorrect attempts have been made.

For example, when the student gets the question wrong for the first time, the hint might be a reminder to go back and check the learning material before trying again.  If they get the same question wrong again, the second hint may include a link back to the specific part of the learning material that needs to be reviewed, and so on.

Using html code, you add the class attribute to control how/when a particular part of the hint switches on/off. 

The hints are shown after the first attempt. See the example below.

The classes to apply follow the format "hint-<type>-<used attempts>." 

The type code means:

  • eq =equal to (only show when used attempts is the same as the number)
  • gte = greater than or equal to (this will probably be the most often used)
  • lte = less than or equal to


<p class="hint-eq-1">displayed after 1 incorrect</p>

<p class="hint-eq-2">displayed after 2 incorrect</p>

<p class="hint-eq-3">displayed after 3 incorrect</p>

<p class="hint-gte-1">displayed after 1, 2, 3 incorrect</p>

<p class="hint-gte-2">displayed after 2, 3 incorrect</p>

<p class="hint-gte-3">displayed after 3 incorrect</p>

<p class="hint-lte-1">displayed after 1 incorrect</p>

<p class="hint-lte-2">displayed after 1, 2 incorrect</p>

<p class="hint-lte-3">displayed after 1, 2, 3 incorrect</p>


<p class="hint-eq-1">Information to help you answer this question can be found in x section.</p>