This feature allows you to create question banks so that students will be given a random question from the question bank in an assessment.

  1. Open the required quiz and the question you want to create a bank for.

  2. On the question edit page, you will see a clone button. Just press this (agree to the popup) and the question will be cloned and you will be redirected to start editing it. (wait for the browser to stop loading after the "success" message)

  3. On the question edit page, you will find a "question bank" field. The system will effectively choose a single random question from all questions marked with the same question bank code.

  4. Where there isn't any banking setup, just leave the question bank field empty.

  5. The idea is you would have separate questions with codes to denote the variant and all of them would have the same question bank code

    Question 7-A
    Question 7-B
    Question 7-C

    Question Bank:

  6. also after you are done, the questions will need to be quickly re-ordered as the cloned question just get added to the end - you can find the re-order function at the bottom of the quiz template page under the list of questions.