To add a section please refer to the solutions here.

Once you have added the Website section the following screen will appear:

Once you have entered the section details select save and you will be directed back to the following course screen:

Hover your mouse over the section and select upload.

The following screen will appear:

Choose the content type from the dropdown box.

  • Upload a website or scorm package
  • Upload  Microsoft Powerpoint file
  • Select a Youtube video
  • Link to an external website

Upload a website or SCORM package

SCORM (Sharable Content Object Reference Model)


If you are publishing a package from a course content builder such as Captivate, Articulate or Storyline you should choose Scorm 2004 .

Note Assessments in course material are not stored in the LMS.  If you want to keep results you must build the assessments using the Enrolo course builder.

There are SCORM and software programs available here to build content.

Upload a Microsoft Powerpoint file

To download or get assistance for Microsoft Powerpoint click here to be directed to the Microsoft website.

Select a Youtube video

Enter the Youtube video url into the text box and click continue

Link to an external website

Make sure to enter the website starting https:// www.

NOTE:  If you copy the URL / website link of any existing course and use it to create a section in a new course be aware that any changes to the section in the new course will overwrite the original course section where the link was copied from.