1. Sign Up

You can sign up in 2 minutes and start using the full features for free for up to five learners.

2. Customize

Make enrolo your own training academy by add your logo, group name, choosing a custom colour, adding contact details and a custom web address.

3. Learners

Add your learners or import from an xls to quickly start administering student learning activities

4. Matrix

Add job roles or learning plans and the qualifications required.  Allocate your learners to these roles and then upload copies of existing qualifications and details such as expiration dates.

5. Content

Easily build and configure a learning workflow and then import your learning content. To get started you can simply import MS PowerPoint presentations, add links to YouTube videos or link to existing websites.  More sophisticated learning material can be developed using third party tools such as Storyline that add menus, interactions, games and much more.

6. Quiz

Use the built in quiz maker to create online assessment with real learning outcomes.  This includes multiple choice, drag and drop, true false, multi select, free text, assignment upload or video assessment.

7. Deliver

Your course will be delivered on smart phones, tablets, or desktop PC’s that are running the most up to date browsers.

8. Assess

Assign marking queues to assessors to review auto assisted free text making, uploaded assignments or video assessments.  Provide feedback to students to assist with the learning process.

9. Survey

Build surveys to add to your learning workflows to gain an understanding of student satisfaction or collect data for any reason.  Export these results to XLS for further analysis.

10. Certify

Configure our certificate template with the look and feel and security measures you need.  Choose to include a unique certificate number, student name, issue date, and expiration date.  On the completion of a course workflow certificates are generated in PDF and locked to reduce fraudulent activity.

11. Monitor

View a dashboard showing student progress,

12. Report

Generate XLS exports including quiz marking log, enrolments by completion date, package enrolments, assessment results, survey results, sales reports