Once you've set up your quiz template you are ready to add quiz questions.  Click 'Create Question'.

(See the article 'Quiz Builder - Create a quiz' for details about setting up your quiz template).

Select Question Type

Question types:

Choice = multiple choice type

Essay = typing in a response

Likert = is a radio button type of input

Message = Message only

Form = data input

NOTE:  You only get to choose this once and if you choose the wrong type the only thing you can do is delete the question or make the question inactive so it doesn't show up in the final quiz.


This type of question allows the user to provide answers against a ranking.

Click on ‘Add question’ then select ‘Likert’ from the ‘Question type’ drop-down box.

Set up the question and click ‘Save’.

To set up the Likert Columns, add your ranking items in the order desired

Save, then set up your Likert Rows.

Save then test