Sometimes you may want to have your learners answer a question based on an image or another document like the example below.

The steps to creating this type of question are:

  1. Save the image as a .png file or other image type and forward the image to Enrolo to upload to the folder relating to that particular course.
  2. Enrolo will then provide the file ‘address’ to link to in the Quiz Builder question set up.
  3. Open the Quiz Builder module and navigate to the quiz template.
  4. Click on ‘Create Question’
  5. Select the question type – in the example, the question type is ‘Choice’

  6. Type the question in the ‘Display’ field
  7. In the course description field, you add the image link provided by Enrolo in the following format.
    • <p> <img src=”/~link” />
    • <p> Select one (1) correct answer (or other instruction).

  8. Then you can set the order that the question will appear
  9. Select the maximum number of attempts allowed before a lockout.

  10. Save
  11. Then you can add answer options by clicking on ‘Add Item’
  12. Once all the answer options have been added you can select that the options be randomized and appear in a different order each time they are viewed if desired.
  13. Click save.
  14. Click ‘Test’ to see how the question appears to the learner.