Once you have created a course and added sections you can add support solutions for users that will participate in the course.

First select
1. the course builder
2. the course you wish to add solutions for

Then from the course screen select add item under the Support Request Items as shown in (1. image below)

The following screen will appear:

You can choose tif you would like to add the support information to just this course or all your courses:

Once you have saved the content

it will appear in the student view under get help as shown in (1. below)

When selected the student will see a list of options in a drop down box as shown below, these can link to any website or self help system. To see a list of other self help systems click here.

You can edit or Re-arrange the order of support request items by hovering over and clicking edit shown below:

Then enter the sort rank to order your request item by weight: