Students submit free text responses as pictured below:

Once submitted all the trainers for that particular course can select the quiz marking feature 1. below and will see the list of pending quiz responses from students in that course with:

2. the students user profile
3. the time the assessment was submitted
4 .a link to the students response for marking (please note: if there are many quiz's to mark it is easiest to right click each of these links and open in a new tab)

If the quiz link is clicked in 4. above the trainer will see the following below:

1. The students response
2. Be able to mark it as correct or incorrect
3. The option to give feedback if incorrect

If free text is selected from the feedback drop down list, just enter your feedback in the text box that appears below.
You can set multiple canned responses or templates that will appear in the feedback drop down box list. To learn how to create canned responses or templates for incorrect responses click hear.