With a training manager account you can:

  • Purchase discounted training through the shop
  • Allocate training easily to users and staff
  • Monitor your users' progress
  • Access their certificates
  • Run and export reports

To add online hospitality and retail courses to your existing training manager account follow these steps:


You will have been sent a link to log in to your account and your username or password.

If you don't have these details email support@elearningportal.com.au with your

  • Full name
  • Email
  • Mailing address
  • Phone number


1. Once logged into your account select the shop tab on the left-hand menu.

2. Choose the courses you wish to add and select 'Details and Ordering' on the right, you will be guided to the relevant website to purchase hospitality and retail training and to choose your specific state if applicable.

Once you have selected your courses from the relevant website you will be able to update your shopping cart.

1. Choose the quantity

2. Enter Discount coupon " GROUP" .  

3. Then click 'Update' to apply the discount

4. Then select 'Checkout:


You will then be asked to enter your details and payment information.

PLEASE NOTE: your email address will ensure the courses are automatically added to your group account ready for allocation.


Once you have purchased the training the next thing for you to do is enrol your users.


1. Select run report under the 'Spare Enrolment Code List'.

2. Click the spare course enrolment code you wish to allocate, you will be prompted to enter the user's full name and email address.

The last thing to do is click send email and an invitation will be sent to the student to enroll and create their student account.

This will show as 'Forwarded' on the status bar in the far right column.

3. You can monitor your users' progress by running the 'Student Progress Report'. This will show the percentage completed by the user.  If a course is 100% complete you will have access to their certificate.

Your staff and users can direct any questions to support@elearningportal.com.au.

They can also raise a support ticket and view our solutions and self-help here.