Select the file manager, to have the file manager you will need to be a group manager

Create a new folder (1. below) and title it " Course_Resources" (2. below) then select upload (3. below)

The following screen will appear

Select add or drag and drop your PDF, finish by clicking upload. 

Files and folders are sorted alpha/numerically - use the following characters when naming the files and folders:

Do not use blank spaces, for file/folder naming:

a) casing is preserved

b) underscores turn into spaces, eg. "test_file" = "test file"

c) dash/minus turns into a "space minus space", eg. "test-file" = "test - file"

d) probably should use any other punctuation.

e) if a file or folder starts with an underscore, then it is hidden. (so can hide junk in those folders)

Once saved to a location right click the PDF and select copy URL.

Then Refer to the Course Section type upload to external website, click here to learn how.